The Beverley Hillbillies

Come and listen to the 1966 story about a man named Jed...

The Magical World of the Andersons

A 1966 profile of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their latest work of art: Thunderbirds


Millions tune in every Saturday to watch the wrestling on ITV

Peyton Place... 76 acres of real life

An in-depth look at the people behind the scenes at hit soap opera Peyton Place in 1967

The Heart of Show Business

Welsh stars rally round to do a television spectacular to raise funds after the Aberfan disaster

The Saint

ITC's new series 'The Saint' lets Roger Moore get away from fighting in 1962

Hawaiian Eye and 77 Sunset Strip

Two favourite American detective series

Introducing the folk who live in Weavers Green

The TVTimes introduces us to the cast of the new ITV soap opera Weavers Green in 1966

A Pop Enigma... flaming Georgie Fame

Teenbeat Monthly in 1966 asks Georgie Fame about music, girls and... well, fame

'Enerey The Eighth: Herman and his Hermits

Teenbeat Monthly profiles Peter Noone in 1966

The added sound of Manfred Mann

1966: the year Manfred Mann went top of the pops

Who is this man?

Picture Show 1961 tries to find out who is the real Peter Sellers

Chevalier the Great

ATV brings Maurice Chevalier to Britain

The face on the cover

Granada's 'World in Action' looks at supermodel Jean Shrimpton in 1964

Your Arrowsmith Holidays questions answered

The complexities of booking a package holiday in 1967 explained by Arrowsmith Tours

Dream Topping

A cheap and cheerful - and tasty! - replacement for cream

Colour TV

Real life colour is here!