AFN Europe program schedule 7-13 May 1967


Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany



Week of 7 – 13 May 1967

If you’ve ever run across an old friend in an unfamiliar place, then you know how AFN listeners feel this week as several old radio friends pop up in unfamiliar places on the schedule.

AMERICA’S POPULAR MUSIC which has formerly been heard at 1030 each day Monday through Friday will now be heard on most AFN stations at 0805 daily. Host Andy Mansfield is the proud owner of one of the largest record collections in existence and he shares his treasures with his listeners. Those of you with a taste for nostalgia will enjoy both Andy’s reminiscences and his music. And younger listeners whose fathers still insist Ruth Etting was a better singer than Petula Clark will have a chance to judge for themselves. There is plenty of up-to-the-minute music, too, for those who still prefer Petula.

IRA COOK, one of America’s top disc jockies, will now be heard Monday through Friday at 1030. Cook is a really old hand at picking music everyone enjoys and one of the more popular features of his show is “A pair of platters” wherein two songs of similar title or subject are contrasted each day.

Baseball’s BILL VEECK (which he insists rhymes with “wreck”) will now be around five nights weekly at 2310 following the News and Sports Nightcap. Veeck is one of the sportworld’s most outspoken figures and his five-minute commentary nightly is always good for a chuckle.

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