Chris Montez and Tommy Roe


American stars Chris Montez and Tommy Roe take over “Thank Your Lucky Stars”



CHRIS MONTEZ and his partner, TOMMY ROE, are just two of the many American artists who are introduced to the British public in person by way of “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. CHRIS and TOMMY broke precedence on the show by taking over the entire second half to go through four numbers including TOMMY’s new chart climber ‘The Folk-Singer’. In giant sets facing each other across ABC’s Teddington largest studio, these two happy American stars really made an impression on the Studio and, at-home, audience.

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  1. The producer/director of TYLS, Philip Jones, kindly allowed me to attend the rehearsal for the show that featured Chris Montez and Tommy Row. At the time I was a very young assistant film editor with ambitions to become a director. Thankfully, I achieved that ambition and actually directed at Teddington a year or so before the studios closed. (The programmes were nothing like as prestigious at TYLS!) Brian Matthew introduced that second half of TYLS as a ‘battle royal’ between the two singers. The switch in format meant ‘Spin a disc’ with Janice Nichols was moved to Part One of that programme.

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